Terms & Conditions

User must confirm these following all provisions or policies and understand them before User applies for using VoiP+ service.
These following provisions shall be applied to those (thereafter called "User") who use VoiPlus Internet Telephone Services (thereafter abbreviated as "VoiP+", We) These rules prescribe what we shall give User by VoiP+ agreement and how to apply this service.

Ⅰ Purpose of these provisions

Article 1 Purpose

  1. User and VoiP+ are obligated to faithfully comply with this Agreement.
  2. When the head office establishes Terms of Use and Rules separately from this Agreement, the Rules shall constitute a part of this article respectively, and when the contents of the regulations are different from this article, the contents of the relevant rules shall be applied preferentially.

Article 2 Revision of Policy

We may revise Policy, User shall previously consent to that. Herein, agreement shall be revised equally on the day to operate the revision of Policy. In addition, Policy shall be effective on and after the day ruled by the last additional clause.

Ⅱ Contract

Article 3 Application

User must understand and agree with our provisions before concluding the contract. Every application shall be in the prescribed forms which shall be instructed.

Article 4 Approval & Acceptance

Agreement shall be concluded when the following conditions are fulfilled: Our receipt of User's application and our expression to approve of his/her application by way of sending a document.

Article 5 Refusal of application

VoiP+ may refuse User's application in case there is any following cause. In such a case we will not inform the refusal of the application.

  1. User has ever been disqualified from using VoiP+ by a cancellation due to a breach of this Rule.
  2. We find an error in writing or omission on an application form.
  3. We conclude that user probably break this Rule.
  4. User has ever delayed some liability to us.
  5. User filled some items in a given application form with falsity, and submit it to us or our agent.
  6. User chooses to pay charges by using a credit card, but a credit company disapproves of it.
  7. There is a difference on identification between an applicant and a registered person on the credit card.
  8. There is a difference on identification between an applicant and a registered person on a registered number of telephone.
  9. User is legally in-competent such as a minority or a ward of court that he/she cannot settle a validity of agreement, but his or her representative appointed by court does not confirm his or her application.
  10. User belongs to an antisocial organization, or User is regarded as an antisocial organization.
  11. In addition, User's application probably causes us serious troubles.
  12. We suspects that it may be improper to approve of User's application.

Article 6 Modifying Application

If there is a change of items submitted by given application form, User shall notice the changed items to VoiP+ promptly. He or she must file the change in accordance with a way designated by us.

Article 7 Non-assignment

User shall not assign the right to use VoiP+ service to a third party, except that there is an agreement different from Policy.

Article 8 Succession of Status of Subscriber

  1. When the contractual status of the User is succeeded by the operation of any inheritance or any merger of a corporation on the part of the User, the relevant successor, or the corporation which survives the merger or the corporation which is created by the merger, as the case may be, shall be required to file such fact in a form prescribed by VoiP+ together with the document which supports such fact. In this case, if there are more than one person who succeeded the contractual status, one of them shall be appointed as the representative.
  2. User who has the Contract in his/her individual name may have his/her contractual status succeeded to another person only in case their relationship is that of spouses or relatives within second degree kinship, and they share the same family name and residence. In such case, an application in a format prescribed by VoiP+ must be submitted together with applicable supporting documents.
  3. If there is any merger, division of corporation and assignment of the business of a business division, or sale of assets on the part of VoiP+, we may assign this Agreement as a whole without obtaining a consent of the User, and the successor shall succeed the contractual status after the merger or division, assignment of the business or the sale, as the case may be. In such case we shall notify the User by E-mail or post/mail.

Article 9 Notification from User

If there is a change of items submitted by a given application form in Article, User shall notice the changed items to us promptly. User must file the change in accordance with a way designated by us.

Article 10 Period of Contract

  1. VoiP+ will provide the service with a certain minimum use period.
  2. The minimum use period of each service shall be as provided in the applicable fee schedule.
  3. In case the applicable Contract is terminated during the minimum use period provided in the preceding Paragraph, the User shall be obligated to pay in a lump-sum amount and by the due date of payment prescribed by us.
  4. In case there is any change in the item of the Service which is provided in the minimum use period under Paragraph 2 above, the User shall be obligated to pay the remaining amount to VoiP+ by the due date prescribed by us.

Article 11 Contract Unit

We shall conclude Agreement with outside line, internal rate plan and other optional service which prescribed separately.

Ⅲ Service

Article 12 Term/Termination of VoiP+ Service

  1. Term of VoiP+ Service
    • Agreement shall automatically start from the date when Our Company shows User his/her personal number to use VoiP+ Service.
    • The term of VoiP+ Service shall be counted every one month or one day.
    • The above term shall be from the 1st day of each month to the end of the next month.
    • Monthly agreement shall be automatically extended for one more month, unless User states an intention to terminate Agreement only for one month at the first time of your application.
  2. Termination and Renewal
    • Either party may terminate Agreement by giving a written notice to other party, through a letter or the same e-mail address as User applies to use VoiP+ Service, at the time of one month before or earlier. Unless User exercises this right, Agreement shall be automatically renewed with the term of one month. Thereafter it shall be renewed equally. If Use gives the notice earlier than the first day of the term, Agreement shall be terminated at the end of term.

Article 13 Limitation of VoiP+ Service

  1. User may be restricted to use VoiP+ as provided by the foreign law and the policies of foreign telecommunication carriers, however We shall not be responsible for that.
  2. User may be restricted to use VoiP+ by foreign telecommunication surroundings, however We shall not be responsible for that.

Article 14 Support

We shall provide services to answer User's questions about VoiP+ Service, according to the policy that We lay down additionally.

Article 15 Disapproval of Japanese emergency calls

Although User cannot use Japanese emergency phone calls such as 110, 119 through VoiP+, he/she shall be deemed to have consented to it.

Article 16 Exemption from communicative failures

  1. Although User cannot use VoiP+ service timely because he/she has a difficult time for hearing due to communicative conditions around him or her, We shall not have any duty to his/her damages caused hereby.
  2. Although User cannot use VoiP+ service properly because telecommunication carrier or the other company causes trouble with their equipments that we use to supply our service, We shall not have any duty to his/her damages caused hereby.
  3. We shall not assume complete security for User's privacy of his/her communications through VoiP+.

Article 17 Management of User's Password

  1. User must carefully and suitably manage to control User's ID and Password, which We shall issue, not to let their secrets out.
  2. We shall treat a person who access to all kinds of our servers as true User, if he/she is identified by inputting authentic ID and Password precisely.

Article 18 Self-responsibility

User must sincerely resolve a conflict with a third party due to defamation, a breach of privacy and leaking information by himself or herself.

Article 19 Non-assignment

User shall not assign the right to use VoiP+ service to a third party, except that there is an agreement different from Policy.

Article 20 Prohibitions

User shall have the following obligations in case of using VoiP+.

  1. User shall not be likely to infringe a copyright or the other right of us or a third party
  2. User shall not be likely to invade privacy or property of us or a third party
  3. In addition to the above, User shall not to be likely to cause the other damage or disadvantage to us or a third party
  4. User shall not defame us or a third party
  5. User shall neither seemingly act against public order and morals nor spread such information as deviating from them.
  6. User shall neither harass others with nuisance phone calls nor stalk others with the other way
  7. User shall neither act against sexual mores, nor display religious activities, nor violate the other law
  8. User shall not use VoiP+ service for money-making such as a resale or lease.
  9. User shall neither make a pyramid scheme, nor persuade others to enroll in a pyramid selling association, through VoiP+ service.
  10. User shall neither advertise, publicize and canvass to many and unspecified persons.
  11. User shall not send fraudulent information or messages, to which people may hold an aversion, to us or a third parties.
  12. User shall not use some device or software, for the purpose of communicating to others automatically or forwarding messages of the others automatically and consecutively.
  13. User shall neither violate domestic or foreign laws, nor the policies of foreign telecommunication carriers.

Article 21 Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks or other intellectual property rights, remain the property of VoiP+ or our partner companies. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as granting any of these rights to you.
  2. User shall not have the right to request transmissions, reproductions, deletions and disposal about the information or file that we uploaded on our service.

Article 22 Limitation of Purpose of Use

  1. All information and files etc. relating to this service provided by us or affiliated company shall not be used beyond the scope of personal use of User specified in the copyright law.
  2. In the event of any dispute, User shall resolve the dispute at his/her own risk and will not give any liability or damage to us.

Article 23 Personal Information of Users

  1. We consider protection of users personal information and comply with the laws and other norms about personal information by rigidly managing users information provided to us through our website. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Article 24 Confidentiality

  1. Each party shall neither disclose the secret information concerning special skills or business data of each party’s customers (thereafter called “secret information”) to a third party, nor use it without the other’s consent, regardless of managing it as secret.
  2. The above section of the confidentiality shall be applied after the termination of Agreement.
  3. We and User shall completely delete the secret information each other until the termination of Agreement. User shall notice Us to keep on having it if he or she cannot delete it completely.
  4. We may generally cooperate with an investigating organization such as Police and Public Safety on criminal investigation and disclose the secret information and conversation records to the organization, only if the investigation executes a compulsory investigation according to a search writ issued by a court.

Article 25 Communication from VoiP+

  1. User agree to receive and read our information noticed by and e-mails, mail or fax from Us. Please read all the information/notice from us carefully and inquire about unclear part.
  2. We shall manage business concerning Agreement including VoiP+, supposing that User will already have understood every information in the above section. We shall not be responsible for damages that User suffers thereby.

Article 26 Suspension of Service

  1. We may suspend our service to User without previous notification if he or she falls under either section of Article 24.
  2. User is not entitled to claim the charge which he or she has already paid to us, if we suspend due to the above section.
  3. We shall not be responsible for damages which User suffers on account of suspension of VoiP+ on the first section.

Article 27 Abolishment of VoiP+

  1. We may terminate our service immediately without previous notice, if a law or a administrative guidance prohibits us from supplying VoiP+. We may also abolish our service to User partially or fully due to business arrangement.
  2. We shall not have any duty on User's damages from abolishment of our service owing to the above section.

Article 28 Indemnity

  1. VoiP+ has the right to claim for compensation for damages that caused by User.

Article 29 Disclaimer

  1. We shall warrant neither quality of a communicating terminal unit, services and information provided by our business partner, nor perfection, accuracy, trustworthiness, usefulness of them.
  2. We shall not warrant any damage if User or a third party has any inconvenience due to using VoiP+ service outside Japan.
  3. We shall be exempted from any responsibility of damages which User or a third party suffers in relation to VoiP+, besides the above sections, regardless of our fault.
  4. We shall neither warrant any damage nor have any liability, if User uses a communicating terminal unit or services or information provided by our business partner and has any conflict or trouble with the partner. User must understand that we shall not burden any charge for him or her.
  5. We shall not compensate for User's damages due to being impossible to use his/her private phone number of VoiP+, whatever the cause be, and User is considered to accept this exemption before Agreement.

Article 30 Warrant of Communication Unit

We shall guarantee a communicating terminal unit, which User purchases from us, and repair or exchange it for free for a year. However repairs or exchanges shall become onerous, in case the trouble is caused intentionally or negligently.

Ⅳ Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 31 Restriction on Use

  1. If we find that it is necessary to repair, respond to disasters, provide transportation, communication or supply electricity or in order to preferentially handle communications that contain matters requiring urgency for communication and contents that require matters necessary for maintenance, communication concerning the contractor's line is established at the following organizations.
    We may take measures to stop using communication by anything other than the contractor's line (limited to what we have decided in consultation with below agencies)
    Name of Institutions: Meteorological agency, water conservation organization, fire department, disaster rescue agency, police agency (including institutions of Japan Coast Guard, the same below), defense agencies, institutions directly related to securing transportation, Organizations concerned, institutions directly related to securing supply of electric power, institutions having a supplementary provision to secure supply of gas, institutions directly related to securing supply of water supply, electoral control agencies, separately determined standards. The institution of the corresponding newspaper company, broadcasting company and communication company, financial institution, agency of the national or local public organization.
  2. When the communication becomes extremely congested, or when the communication goes through a switching facility exceeding the number set in advance by the caller, the communication may not arrive at the other party.
  3. We determine excessive use according to criteria identified at its sole discretion and control, regardless of prior history. The contents of the restriction shall be indicated on our website.

Ⅴ Charges

Article 32 Types of Charges

  1. User shall pay us daily or monthly charges according to an attached table.
  2. User shall be responsible for a bank transfer fee and so on.
  3. This article shall be applied correspondingly to the renewal according to Article 12. section 2.
  4. Either VoiP+ or our business partner is entitled to revise charges such as a fixed price and specific prices as occasion demands.
  5. We may establish an additional charge for User who uses a special service which is newly set in addition to the existing service. Herein, User shall pay 14.5% overdue interest annually reckoning from the due date on a principle, in case that he/she does not pay the additional charge in spite of agreeing with it.
  6. User shall have a duty to pay a consumption tax regarding VoiP+ service.
  7. We shall ask User to pay rounding a fraction below yen up.

Article 33

  1. We shall notify User of all charges regulated by the above Article by way of our website or the other appropriate way.
  2. User shall pay charges of communication from his or her to a foreign receiver through VoiP+ private phone number according to a price table in our Website.
  3. An owner of calling phone shall have a duty to pay charges of domestic telephone from User to VoiP+ private phone number.
  4. We shall not compensate for charges of domestic telephone from User to VoiP+ private phone number, even if User can neither contact with the other party on the line under a poor condition of foreign circuit, nor talk due to a bad telecommunicating condition or voice quality of foreign carrier.
  5. A receiving party shall pay a receiving fee particular to the foreign country where he/ she uses his/her telephone.
  6. We may revise charges, in reference to the fluctuation in price of our circuit or economic conditions of foreign or domestic telecommunication carrier. Under this case outgoing call rates shall be applied.

Article 34 Payment Method

  1. User may select either of the following as a method of payment at the time of his/her application in Article 4.
    • Credit card
    • Automatic debit
    • Bank transfer
    • PayPal
    • Prepaid method
  2. If User chooses a credit card as payment method, he or she must input information into our Web-form, a credit company name, a card number, a registered name, the expiration date and the other items of a credit card which he or she will use, or fill them in an application form, at the time of his/her application to Agreement.
  3. If User chooses an automatic debit as payment method, he/she must input into our Web-form a bank name, a blanch name, the type and number of the account, a registered name, or fill them in an application form, at the time of his/her application to Agreement.
  4. User may use neither method of payment in the first section because of a service plan or a short term of Agreement. Herein, We shall notify User of that and he or she shall pay charges by the other method.
  5. We may approve of the other method of payment for a specific customer.

Article 35 Time of payment

User shall pay a specific price which we determines in each other area, on the last day of the next month to the specific date which we differently appoint for summing up the amount. Prepaid Service must be paid in advance.

Ⅵ Renewal & Termination of Contract

Article 36 Beginning & Terminating of Service

  1. VoiP+ Service shall be in effect after we officially receives a User's application. In the case of monthly contracts we shall regard less term than one month as a month.
  2. We will charge the dial plan construction fee and/or equipment delivery fee for the first month of the service according to work completion and basis for recording sales.
  3. User is entitled to terminate Agreement by way of completing the termination procedure in Article 37.

Article 37 Termination by User

  1. User is entitled to notify Our Company to terminate Agreement at any time after the beginning of VoiP+ service in the above article.
  2. To terminate Agreement as the above section prescribes, User must notify us of the termination in writing or through a prescribed form on our Website or by e-mail.
  3. Monthly agreement shall come to an end on the last day of the month after one month goes by since the notification in the above section.
  4. We shall not repay service charges which he/she previously pays, even if User notifies us of termination before the contract expires or earlier notification and he/she does not use VoiP+ service thereafter.

Article 38 Termination by VoiP+

  1. We are entitled to terminate Agreement immediately if User falls under either of the following.
    • User does not follow this policy.
    • User does not pay charges until the due date.
    • User dishonors a bill or a check which he/she delivers to us for payment.
    • User becomes insolvent because of bankruptcy petition or the other legal procedure.
    • User submits a false application to us.
    • User is an antisocial association or a member of it.
    • In addition, User probably makes us a serious trouble in doing business.
  2. Agreement shall be terminated on the day when the notice reaches User, if We proceeds to terminate it as provided by the above section.
  3. We have the right to claim for damages to User even our termination of Agreement as the first section establishes.

Ⅶ Dispute Settlement

Article 39 Applicable Law

The rights of parties and legal matters hereof shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Article 40 Settlement of Dispute

Either of parties shall make efforts sincerely to deepen mutual cooperation and settle a conflict concerning the rights of parties and legal matters hereof. If not, parties hereby shall irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction and venue of Tokyo District Court as the first trial.

Ⅷ Revision

Article 41 Revision of Policy

We may revise Policy, User(subscriber since 1 June 2015) shall previously consent to that.
Herein, Agreement shall be revised equally on the day to operate the revision of Policy.

Refer to Japanese Website (https://voiplus.net/contents/agreement.php?lang=ja )

Note: This English translation is for reference purposes only. In the case of any discrepancy between this translation and the original Japanese version, the original Japanese version shall prevail.

This Terms & Conditions was last updated on 04th June 2020.