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Domestic calls8.00JPY180
Celler(Value Call)*1 *No Need Tax9.00JPY60
Celler(Premium Call)15.90JPY60
Dial information(104)200.00JPY60
Weather forecast(177)9.00JPY180
Time tone(117)9.00JPY180
Complaints from consumers(188)30.00JPY60
Child consultation center(189)30.00JPY60
Navigation Dial(0570)30.00JPY60
NTT Communication's International Dial(00348001)30.00JPY60
Tele Dome(18099)30.00JPY60
Call Free Dial(0088, etc...)0.00JPY180
Toll Free in U.S.A.(1800,1844,1855,1866,1877,1888)2.88JPY60
Sending Lagacy FAX 009call with ISDN Communication37.00JPY60
*1) date of 2017-Aug-01
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