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1234555 (U.S.A.)
8190678(Low rate for Japan mobile)

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List of Japan call rates.(+TAX)

Japan call8.00180
Mobile(Value call)*Tax Free9.0060
Mobile(Premium call)15.9060
Dial information(104)200.0060
Weather forecast(177)9.00180
Time tone(117)9.00180
Disaster communication(171)9.00180
Complaints center(188)30.0060
Child center(189)30.0060
Navigation dial(0570)30.0060
NTT communications international dial(00348001)30.0060
Tele Dome(18099)30.0060
Toll Free in Japan(0120, 0088, etc.)Free180
Toll Free in U.S.A.*Tax Free
Sending FAX/Prefix009 ISDN route37.0060
*Tax Free at 2020-Jun-19
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