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Answer frequently asked questions.

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Q1. What is an IP phone?
A1. This is a telephone service that uses the Internet line.
IP phones can be used without connecting land lines, you have access to Internet environments.
Q2. What is VoiP+?
A2. It is the convenient IP phone service with Japan route, and U.S.A. route, shared ISDN route to capture the disadvantages of telephone service.
International telephone charges are also offered at the lowest price.
Q3. Does it need telephone land line?
A3. No, Because we use internet line, telephone land line is unnecessary.
Q4. What is the difference with a general business phone?
A4. A general business phone uses a telephone line to connect to an in-house PBX and uses a dedicated fixed telephone, but since VoiP+ uses an internet line, there are no restrictions on where it can be installed, such as smartphones and IP phones.,You can use a personal computer.
*** Benefit ***
*No need for telephone line.
*No need for PBX or expensive telephone in the company office
*It can also be used outside the company, and can also make extension calls with overseas bases.
*When you are going to close your store, it is easy to respond to inquiries from existing customers and navigate to your WEB shop.
Q5. Can I make international calls?
A5. Yes, You can use it cheap calling rates.
Q6. Is the call charge cheaper compared to ordinary phones?
A6. Yes, For example, the calling fee for domestic mobile phone is 9.00JPY/minute and it is a toll call charge.(When using value call)
The basic charge is also low, and it is a flat rate of 8.00JPY/3 minutes for regular domestic fixed-line phones regardless of distance.
Q7. Can you use it in the event of a disaster?
A7. The possibility to use it is high if it is possible to connect to the Internet.
We cannot guarantee but as long as you can access to the internet VoiP+ easily safeguards your communications in the event of a disaster.
In addition, even if the office suffers a disaster, you can receive power using your home IP phone or smartphone installed for telework.
Q8. Can I use smartphones?
A8. If you install the SIP application, you can use any carrier smartphone as an extension terminal.
If you can connect to the Internet with WiFi, you can also use worn-out smartphones effectively.
Please refer to the service guide for all available equipments and devices.
Q9. Can I use it overseas?
A9. Basically you can use it as long as you can connect to the Internet.
Some places can not be used depending on the country and environment.
Q10. Can it call a toll-free number?
A10. Yes, Toll free numbers are
*Notice:Caller-id is different number by shared ISDN.
Please tell your phone number by your voice for the call back.
(Please ask by email if you cannot call other toll free number.)
*You can also call Toll free numbers in U.S.A.
Q11. Are there any phone numbers it can't call?
A11. Due to the characteristics of IP phones, local emergency calls such as 110 and 119 can not be connected.
Q12. What kind of device can it use?
A12. You can use SIP-compatible IP phones, smart phones and software installed smart phone.
Please refer to the service guide for all available equipments and devices.
Q13. Can it use fax?
A13. Yes, you can. It is also possible to send FAX to 0120 toll free number or send by smartphone using Web2FAX service.
Also, lagacy FAX can be sent using VoIP+ adapter.
Q14. Does it have voice message system?
A14. Yes, There is an answering machine function as standard service.
The answering machine message is sent to the mail address specified in the 3GP format file.
Q15. What is the difference from call transferring service?
A15. In the case of a transfer telephone service, for example, if you transfer a call from a customer to an office to a mobile phone or other base, the telephone fee from the office to the transfer destination becomes a burden on the receiving side.
In the case of VoiP+, if it is a telephone terminal between VoiP+, the receiving side will not bear the telephone fee no matter where it is received and where it is ordered.
Q16. Is there a charge for the estimate?
A16. We will quote for free so please feel free tocontact us.
Q17. Can it use the current phone number?
A17. Relocation is possible if it is a Rakuten Communications line.
Q18. Can it choose the extension number?
A18. Basic dial plan is prepared. You can request when we make dial plan. But there is reserved number which cannot allocate 1XX and 9XX.
Q19. Is a telephone main unit (PBX) necessary?
A19. No, Customer's main phone equipment is not necessary. We will use the IP-PBX server in our server center.
Q20. Is the voice quality good?
A20. In an environment with good network quality, you can get good sound quality.
In a mobile communication environment, Good quality network environments such as 3G/4G(LTE)/5G can be used in a good communication environment, but noise and delay may occur when the radio wave condition is bad.
Q21. How long does it take before VoiP+ service available?
A21. If you apply for your own telephone line for business purposes, it will take around 2 to 3 weeks after the application is confirmed. However, if you have a RAKUTEN line, you can start using it in about 2 business days. Prepaid+ can be used immediately.
Q22. Is it possible to apply from anywhere in Japan?
A22. Yes, It is possible. Please do not hesitate to apply. Prepaid+ can use from all over the world.
Q23. What if I currently have a Rakuten Communications line subscription?
A23. Please contact us as you may be able to use your phone number as it is.
Q24. Can I increase the number of extensions and extension numbers?
A24. Yes, We can increase it for you.
Q25. How many calls can it make with one outside line at the same time?
A25. You can use 2 channels per 1 outside line. It is also possible to add the number of channels. The number of outgoing calls depends on the number of contracted telephone numbers and channels, so please contact us.
Q26. How does it maintenance?
A26. We are currently operating with a total of eight servers configurations making full use of load balancer/failover.
In addition, the PBX server and voice server are configured so that scale-out (server increase) is possible when necessary.
Excluding emergency, we normally maintenance during off business hours.
Q27. Can it record the guidance message myself?
A27. Yes, You can use it with optional service.
Q28. Can it repair if the terminal breaks down?
A28. Basically, please ask the purchased manufacturer.
Q29. Can you deal with VoiP+ system failure?
A29. In the unlikely event of a failure within our server, we will respond to the recovery.
We are currently operating with a total of eight servers configurations making full use of load balancer / failover.
In addition, the PBX server and voice server are configured so that scale-out (server increase) is possible when necessary.
Q30. Voice guidance is already set in a place?
A30. A voice guidance in Japanese and English, Deutschland, Française, Italiana, español, русский язык, Argentina español, Mexicanos español, svenska are primary recorded. Please contact us if you would like to use an original messages.
Q31. Where can it make an inquiry?
A31. Please inquire from contact us or call 050-5830-5940
Q32. Can it manage multiple phone numbers as one contract?
A32. Yes, It is possible.
Q33. How long is the minimum period of use?
A33. No minimum period of use. In the case of cancellation, calculation on end of month will apply.
Q34. What is the usage fee for the first month?
A34. It will be calculated on a daily basis from the start date of use.
Q35. What is the feature of VoiP+?
A35. We have various functions and useful plus services of VoiP+. For details, please refer to here.
Q36. Can it use it as a reception phone?
A36. Yes, Since you can use it as an extension, you can use IP phone as a reception telephone.
Q37. Incoming numbers can be notified?
A37. Yes, it is possible except for non notification.
Q38. How can I make an outside line call?
A38. Please dial from the area code just like a regular legacy Dial including AREA code.
Q39. When there is nobody at the base, can you automatically transfer to another phone number?
A39. Yes, It is possible.
Q40. Even if you are abroad, is free calling between VoiP+ possible?
A40. Yes, It is possible.
Q41. Can I check the call log from a PC or smartphone?
A41. Yes, you can check it on the Web.
Q42. Can I set the business hours for incoming call?
A42. Day of the week and time range can be set.
Q43. How to change extentions numbers routing?
A43. You can change the settings on the Web for incoming routing and business hours for each.