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Prepaid+ you can rest assured that it will not be withdrawn without permission.


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【Prepaid+ 】

  • 【Sign up】
  • 【How to setup】You can start to use.
  • This phone service needs your smartphone and the internet.
  • Only WiFi connection/Only data SIM will work.
  • Prepaid and payment is not executed automatically.


  • Cheap international calling.
  • Japan local call rate is 8JPY/3mins.(Added C-TAX)
  • 0120,0800 of Free Dial are OK
  • Toll free in U.S.A. is available.
  • 0034,0570,0077 are available.
  • Trial before business use.
  • No cancellation required.
  • No call charges for calls between extensions.
  • Japan local call with local rates via WiFi in overseas.
  • Receive the call on overseas local number.
  • Cheap international calling via WiFi in overseas.

Border cross+

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【Available immediately/Local number】

  • Japan
  • New York    / U.S.A.

【49 Countries local number】

【Around 3 business days】
Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, United Kingdom, Portugal
Spain, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland
Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia
Israel, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.S.A., Mexico
Dominica, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile

【Requires local proof of residence.】
Norway, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary
Malaysia, Japan
Hong Kong
(Receive calls from within Hong Kong.)

Setup flow

【Setup flow】
Service usage flow

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