Notation based on the Payment Services Act

Issuer name and address: WATS Co.,Ltd.
5-33-4 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Contact information for inquiries and complaints: Contact form : Please inquire from here.
Accepted amounts and way of payments: Payments: Credit card, Bank transfer, Direct debit
Accepted amounts: 1,000JPY, 2,000JPY, 3,000JPY, 5,000JPY, 10,000JPY,
Or any amount you wish from 1,000JPY to 50,000JPY.
*Please purchase usage amount of about 6 months as a guideline of the upper limit.
Expiration: One year from the last deposit date or last usage date.
Usage area: Regions that can be registard by our designated access numbers.
Unused balance check method: By checking "My Account" on our website.
Important notes: We are not responsible for use by third parties due to leak of access information etc.
Any amount paid is non-refundable.
Other terms, Click here for Terms of Service.

The Japanese version of this Notation based on the Payment Services Act shall be treated as the original. If there are some difference between the Japanese version and the translation, the Japanese version shall prevail as a matter of course.

This Notation based on the Payment Services Act was last updated on 04th June 2020.