Indication according to Act on Settlement

Issuer name and address: WATS co.,Ltd.
5-33-4 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Contact information for inquiries and complaints: Contact form : Please inquire from here.
Accepted amounts and way of payments: Payments: Credit card, Bank transfer, Direct debit
Accepted amounts: 1000JPY, 2000JPY, 3000JPY, 5000JPY, 10000JPY,
Or any amount you wish from 1000 yen to 50000 yen.
*Please purchase usage amount of about 6 months as a guideline of the upper limit.
Expiration: One year from the last deposit date or last usage date.
Usage area: Regions that can be registard by our designated access numbers.
Unused balance check method: By checking "My Account" on our website.
Important notes: We are not responsible for use by third parties due to leak of access information etc.
Any amount paid is non-refundable.
Other terms, Click here for Terms of Service.