Business+ Implementation

We will offer you thorough support from inquiry to implementation and we will propose the best plan for the customer.

Contact us

If you are interested in IP phone, who are interested in introducing, please do not hesitate to contact us first.
If you can contact us by the contact form, we will call you at the specified time.

Dial plan proposal with confirmation

We will make a proposal and estimate such as the answer of the contents you inquired, the dial plan etc.
We will ask you about the current situation, we will hear requests etc., we propose the optimum plan for the customer.

Place an Order

Once you place an order, I will proceed with the application procedure below.

【Fill in】
1. VoiP+ Application Form
2. RAKUTEN IP PHONE Application Form

After applying, domestic line opening notice will be sent, so you will fax or photo mail the registration contents to VoiP+.
【FAX or Photo mail】
Application procedure completed.
We will construct a dial plan etc in VoiP+.


We will start your service in around 2 to 3 weeks after place an order.
Since VoiP+ will inform you of completion of extension number registration, please start to use the VoiP+.

*Proposals such as dial plan may be changed depending on circumstances.
*Since the basic fee will be incurred on a daily basis, it is possible to cancel your membership at any time.