Business+ Prices

Please refer to the list here for the monthly fee of Business+.

Price List

Service/FunctionInitial CostMonthly CostUnit of QTYContents
Extension NumberFree600JPY1 extensionBetween Customer and VoiP+ only connected by Extension number.
VoiP+ will connect to RAKUTEN route(Your own/Shared) and U.S.A. voip route(Your own/Shared), shared landline route.
Group NumberFree600JPY1 extensionUse for Incoming from Outside to Group calling.
Value CallFreeFreeService for Value call will U.S.A. route with international call rate.
Shared landline CallFreeFreeService for Shared landline call will Japan local route with local call rate.
Voice mailFreeFreeLeave the message from caller and send email with attached 3GP.
Telephone Conference2,000JPY1,000JPY1 roomTelephone Conference service.
FAX+ 2,000JPY1,000JPY1modemFAX Plus needs Virtual FAX modem.
Legacy FAX connectionFree600JPY1 extensionLegacy FAX will be registered via VoiP+ adapter.
(One of FAX Plus)
Web2FAXFreeFree1 extensionYou can send FAX on the WEB by PDF,JPG format with your extension number.
(FAX Plus included)
Value+ 2,000JPY1,000JPY1 U.S. routeOverride caller-id for International call and Japan mobile call via value route.
NewYork landline number2,000JPY1,000JPY1 numberYou can receive call by this New York number.
(Need Value Plus)
(only for business use)
FreeFreeYou can monitor in your context group as your company.
(Need administrator permission with password)
(only for business use)
FreeFreeYou can whisper to "caller(not callee)" in your context group as your company.
(Need administrator permission with the password)
Extension number invoicing1,000JPY5,000JPY1FunctionEach extension number for each room invoicing.
If you are using VoiP+ service for your HOTEL and Rental Office, Shared room, Apartment.
You can output and close the invoice by time/date for each extension number with good telephone service.
Company guidance recording
3,000JPYFree1RecordingCompany guidance recording in Japanese/English
(Business hours/Office Closed)
Call Detail RecordFreeFreeYou can see the call detail on the Web.
Monthly StatementsFreeFreeYou can check on the Web.
Incoming routeFreeFreeYou can change incoming route from outside which number connect to the extension or group by date/time.
You can also change group member.
Reject incoming call by caller-IDFreeFreeYou can setup the reject caller-ID which you want to reject the incoming call.
It will connect leave message function or hung up you want.
Other updates on the WebFreeFreeChange your password for Web login and language or other functions you cando by yourself.
Dial PlanFree
(Up to 20)
Over 20 extension number will propose and quote by individual.
Calling RatesContents
Japan mobile value call ratePlease refer to rates list.
Shared landline call ratesPlease refer to rates list.
International Value call ratesPlease refer to rates list.
DevicesInitial CostUnit of QTYContents
IP phonePlease ASK.
IP phone/AC adapter for JapanPlease ASK.
Consignment importPlease ASK.
VoiP+ adapter for Legacy FAX15,000JPYIncluding configuration(1year warranty)
Setup IP phone2,000JPY1 extension1 extension number setup and other configuration for registered.
Excluding delivery charge.
SupportsCostUnit of QTYContents
Onsite support within 50 km7,500JPY1 HourTokyo 23-ku、Part of Yokohama, Saitama,Chiba(Need transportation cost.)

Onsite support exceeding 50 km

7,500JPY1 HourMoving time charge 2,000JPY/Hour.
It will be added other expense for transportation and accommodation.